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FASTLinkDTLA, the Downtown Los Angeles Transportation Management Organization (TMO), exists to promote mobility options, develop congestion mitigation strategies, bridge transportation equity within the public transportation sector and advocate for environmentally sound transportation policies to support the continuous and orderly growth of Downtown Los Angeles and the region.

FASTLinkDTLA’s mission is to rebrand DTLA as a rapidly expanding live-work innovation and entertainment district, with seamlessly connected mobility choices, powered by clean energy and new mobility technology, and accessible to all travelers. 


Create a “one-stop” Transportation Management Organization (TMO) to serve DTLA with programs to incentivize people to travel in modes other than driving alone and to test new mobility pilots such as on-demand micro-transit and wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) service. 

Foundational Goal

FASTLinkDTLA’s goal is to achieve a 75% mode shift away from driving alone by 2030.


    • Foster public/private partnerships so that Downtown employers, developers, building owners, event centers, and government entities can work collectively to establish policies, programs and services to address local transportation and mobility needs.
    • Through its membership, provide a forum for consensus-building regarding the nature of mobility challenges and takes steps to address them in a systematic and inclusive manner. This consensus-building role empowers the membership to act effectively and as one voice.
    • Monitor and report conditions relating to mobility, access, business climate and other topics of interest.
    • Implement a series of services and strategies that enhance the mobility options in Downtown Los Angeles, reduce trips and improve air quality.


    • Increase public transit options and the use of public transit within the Downtown core.
    • Increase clean mobility options to resolve first/last mile challenges within the Downtown core.
    • Create a forum to exchanging ideas and challenges from all Downtown stakeholders.
    • Expand infrastructure that focuses on safety, security and connectivity gaps.
    • Provide a forum to test and implement advanced transportation solutions targeted at improving the mobility needs within Downtown and/or improve the environment.
    • Work with Developers and property owners to create trip reduction strategies customized for their development, tenants and residents.


    Microtranist and Demand Responsive Transit

    • Maintain services for the demand-responsive microtransit and WAV services funded by Metro and LADOT.
    • Continue to identify opportunities to expand the services specifically focused on underserved markets and/or extending service hours.
    • Identify opportunities to consolidate developer-funded shuttle services.
    • Identify event-based transit services to assist with trip reduction efforts for Downtown event centers.

    Trip Monitoring and Reporting Services

    Using Metro’s commute services, implement annual surveys to identify mode split at member companies and developers. Report findings of survey results and provide a set of customized strategies to achieve trip reduction targets contained within the developer agreement.

    Support and Expand Public Transit

    • Implement a transit subsidy program aimed at attracting new riders to public transit. Provide discounted transit passes.
    • Provide employer assistance in implementing pretax benefit programs within their workplace.
    • Sell transit passes to individuals and members.
    • Work with Metro to identify and broker new Business TAP program participants.
    • Initiate, operate and support innovative pilot projects that provide new mobility options to the Downtown community.
    • Sell group rate transit passes to members.
    • Deliver and expand public transit service options and help bridge first / last mile connections.
    • Support in inform on the Next Gen Bus Study.
    • Support and communicate the benefits of the LA Street Car.

    Education and Outreach

    • Develop and maintain pop-up mobility centers for member companies where individuals can learn about mobility options within Downtown.
    • Provide an ambassador-type program to aid with individual trip planning and use of mobility options.
    • Host special events targeting ways to grow use of mobility options.
    • Assist individuals who qualify for “Life” benefits and reduced transit fares.


    • Develop ways to optimize all capital investments being made and leverage ways to protect and maintain street level assets such as, street lighting, sidewalks, bike lanes, bus stops and shelters, bus only boulevards, mobility hubs, EV charging stations and other capital.
    • Identify gaps in infrastructure where enhancements can increase safety, security and connectivity.

      Technology Enhancements

      Identify opportunities to expand external APP’s used by transportation service providers that better meet the need of Downtown travelers, workers, residents and visitors.

      Parking Integration

      Work with Downtown parking managers and identify parking utilization methods specifically focused on decreasing ‘cruising’ for parking and promote ‘park once’ way of thinking.

      • Help develop new technologies that decrease cruising by providing real-time parking availability and support “know before you go” strategies.
      • Support initiatives the decrease distracted driving.

      Business Advisory Committee

      FASTLinkDTLA has assembled a diverse Business Advisory Committee consisting of Downtown stakeholders and thought leaders who are committed to improve mobility in Downtown.  They have all demonstrated community leadership through participating in shaping the Downtown community, shown ability to collaborate and share ideas and maintained open understanding diversity, equity, and balancing the needs for all.  Currently, the Advisory Committee is providing ongoing input and survey question development.






      Martha Saucedo

      Executive Vice President, External Affairs

      Arts District BID

      Miguel Vargas

      Executive Director

      Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce

      Rocio Flores

      VP of Boyle Heights CC; USC Civic Engagement Program Administrator

      Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)

      Aaron Taxy

      Government & Public Affairs Director

      Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)

      Michele Ware


      Central City Association

      Jessica Lall

      President & CEO

      Central City Association

      Marie Rumsey

      Vice President of Public Policy

      Central City Association

      Nhien Lasky

      Vice President of Strategic Relations

      Central City Association

      Michael Shilstone

      Director of Economic Development


      Patti Berman


      Downtown Center BID

      Nick Griffin

      Executive Director

      Downtown Center BID

      Elan Shore

      Director of Research and Special Projects

      Effect Strategies & Cerrell Associates

      Steve Bullock


      Figueroa Corridor BID

      Aaron Aulenta

      Figueroa Corridor BID

      Historic Core BID

      Blair Besten

      Executive Director

      Industrial District BID

      Estela Lopez

      Executive Director

      Infrastructure Funding Alliance

      Jan Perry

      Former Executive Director, Workforce Development Department; Current Executive Director, Infrastructure Funding Alliance

      LA Chamber of Commerce

      Kendal Asuncion

      Manager, Public Policy, Center for Business Advocacy

      LA Chamber of Commerce

      Jessica Duboff

      Vice President, Center for Business Advocacy

      LA Chamber of Commerce

      Salinas, Maria S

      President & CEO

      LA Cleantech Incubator

      Alex Mitchell

      SVP Market Transformation

      LA County Business Federation (BizFed)

      Tracy Hernandez

      CEO, Los Angeles County Business Federation

      LA County Business Federation (BizFed)

      Jerard Wright

      Transportation Policy Manager

      LA Economic Development Corporation

      Phylizia Carrillo

      Program Manager – Strategic Initiatives + Industry Cluster Development

      LA Economic Development Corporation

      Judy Kruger

      Director, Industry Cluster Development

      LA Fashion District BID

      Rena Leddy

      Executive Director


      Susana Reyes

      Executive Assistant General Manager and Commissioner

      Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Bureau

      Adam Burke

      Chief Operating Officer

      Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative

      Veronica Hahni

      Executive Director


      Devon Deming

      Director, Metro Commute Services

      Propel LA

      Marianne Haver Hill

      Executive Director

      South Park BID

      Wallis Locke

      Director of Communications & Policy

      South Park BID

      Ellen Riotto

      Executive Director

      Urban Land Institute LA

      Marty Borko

      Executive Director

      Urban Land Institute LA

      Michael Parada

      The Urban Land Institute Associate

      USGBC – LA

      Julie Du Brow

      Communications Director

      USGBC – LA

      Ben Stapleton

      Executive Director


      Creating partnerships is in our DNA.  We recognize that in order to meet the ever-changing mobility needs of the Downtown Community, we need to foster and create partnerships with all stakeholders.

      We are continuously seeking new relationships to evolve and transform Downtown and invite you to join our effort.

      Our ever-growing partnership consists of the following entities:


      Hilary Norton
      Executive Director

      Reed Alvarado
      Transportation and Equity Director

      Board Members

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